What ıs a Sıgnature Scent?

Scenting is an effective method to boost sales. Each scent can evoke different emotions depending on its composition. Different scents leads to different consumer behaviors and moods. Research shows that suitable scent choices positively influence purchasing decisions. By utilizing aroma effectively, it is possible to create emotions that capture consumers’ attention and imprint the brand in the customers’ memory through scent.

Over 50,000 Aromatıc Compounds

The service we offer starts by thoroughly examining your brand and analyzing the personality of your business based on its premises and characteristics. Taking into consideration your target audience, we create a unique fragrance that aligns with your company's values and identity. We offer brands and businesses the most suitable scent thanks to our fragrance bank of over 50,000 aromatic compounds, which enables millions of scent combinations.

You have a corporate logo, but do you have a corporate scent?