It is a family of fragrances created by natural fruit scents. The features of the fruity family are that they are vibrant, new, and intriguing. The scents in this family make you feel like you are in a fresh garden of fruit or drinking a beverage made of ice-cold fruits on a hot summer day. What you think at that moment is the emotions these smells carry you; It touches your soul by opening your appetite. All fruit scents such as cherry, strawberry, orange, exotic fruits, and coconuts are included in this family.

Floral fragrance family consists of floral scents. All floral aromas, sometimes individually and sometimes together, can be included in the floral fragrance family. Many floral scents such as narcissus, lily of the valley, jasmine, oleaster flower, orchid, geranium, lavender, lily, rose, violet, orange flower, bergamot, ylang-ylang, etc. can be used for this family. Floral scents generally create romantic, mild-tempered, and more emotional effects on people.

The mysterious scents of spices make up this fragrance family. The smell of sweet red pepper, sometimes the bitter sensation of cinnamon or black pepper, stimulates your emotions and reflects the fire of spices. When the scents of spices come together, they create bittersweet, sharp, light, dusty, and enchanting effects. Their provocative effect triggers your emotions. Spices such as red pepper, black pepper, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, vanilla, and mastic are included in this family.

Citrus fruits are used in the fresh fragrance family because of the fresh feeling it gives. The scent of the sea, a light fig scent, mint, cucumber, soapy scents, bergamot, soft flowers, green notes, leaves, lemon, citrus, tangerine form the basis of fresh perfumes. We can call any scent “fresh” that can be used easily in light, lively, soft, and warm weather.

The Gourmand fragrance family contains the scent of something that can be eaten or by placing an essential emphasis on them or even centering them. It covers the smell of food flavors, edible things like coffee, caramel, cake, and chocolate. They are scents that stimulate your emotions by reminding you of the favorite foods that sharpen your appetite when you smell them.

This family of fragrances carries notes of water that remind the sea, and create a feeling of fresh mountain air and freshly washed linen scent. Fragrances such as cedar, sandalwood, amber, freshwater, lotus, water lily, jasmine, magnolia and white flowers make up the Aquatic fragrance family. If you want to feel like you are at the seaside when you close your eyes, you can choose this fragrance family.