Scent Marketing is the analysis, selection, and professional application of aromatic fragrances to strengthen the emotional bond between customers and brands.

Studies show that the right scent choice can positively influence purchasing decisions. By utilizing aroma effectively, it is possible to create emotions that capture consumers’ attention and imprint the brand in the customers’ memory through scent.

“75% of our everyday emotions are influenced by smell.”

Bell. S., & Bell, C.P., “Future Sense: Defining Brands through Scent” The Journal of Marketing Society 38, Autumn, 2007

Scent ın Marketıng

What is the Purpose of Scent Marketing?

According to a survey, 84% of consumers reported that they are more likely to purchase products in an environment where scent marketing is implemented. Moreover, many participants also said that they are willing to pay 10-15% higher prices for products in such an environment.