Rental and Maintenance

Aromise offers you the most suitable fragrance preferences by taking into account the field of activity of your business, your decoration and customer needs, and chooses and installs the machine that will work most effectively according to the square meter, height, air currents in your interior area, decoration material used. The installation of our devices is done with or without a wall central ventilation mounted, or without assembly.

Aromise visits your facility regularly every month and performs the monthly cleaning and fragrance filling of the machine. No device or fragrance fees are charged to our customers for these services. The ownership of the machines rests with Aromise. The rental, monthly service and fragrance fees of the machines are offered at a fixed monthly service fee. Thanks to this model, our customers do not have to incur enormous investment costs, and they can give up service if they wish with the expiry of the contract dates. Also, it is prevented from ordering the used odor from anywhere, filling it by the customer, and lengthy and costly repair processes in machine failures. In case the machines cannot be repaired at the customer location, they are changed by us instantly, and it is ensured that the scenting service is not interrupted. No repair or replacement fee will be charged to the customer unless it is a fault.


Hotels & Residences
Cafes & Restaurants
Beauty Centers & Hairdressers
Fuel Stations
Clothing & Jewelry Stores
Factories & Workshops