Did you know that the scent of your business can convince shoppers to spend more money?

What is scent marketing?

Scent marketing is the strategic use of fragrance at specific consumer touchpoints. The right scent can instantly create an emotional connection with customers and make the shopping experience more memorable.

How do businesses use scent marketing?

Scent marketing is used to trigger a certain emotion in potential customers, subtly encouraging them to not only incorporate a scent into their brand identity, but also to spend more time in their stores or places of business to improve customer experience, all the while creating positive memories with those scents that will keep them going back to the product or service (brand loyalty).

One study published in the International Journal of Marketing showed that scent marketing increased Nike customers’ intent to purchase by up to 84%, suggesting scent marketing could have a powerful effect on consumer behavior. Another case study indicated that gamblers put 45% more quarters into slot machines when the area is artificially scented. The research noted that our sense of scent is linked directly to our limbic system, which controls memory and emotion, and that ambient scent offers the following benefits:

Ambient scent boosts recognition and memory performance.

It increases the time consumers spend in a shop or business.

It elevates mood and a person’s level of enjoyment

It improves the quality of a service encounter.