Aromise's fragrance portfolio includes more than 70 ready-made fragrances. In addition, if desired, we can create a "signature fragrance" by using more than 50,000 fragrance elements specifically for your business.
Our fragrances are produced according to European Union standards.
We have different sizes of machines suitable for areas of different sizes and volumes.
The amount of fragrance spraying can be adjusted for every day and hour of the week, and even it can be turned off at any time and opened at any time.
Unlike. Our diotan product is biocidal. It is imported from the European Union. It is the most potent disinfectant in the world.
Our machines have industrial versions that can connect to ventilation systems and can make homogeneous scenting.
The settings of our machines can only be changed by our maintenance personnel. Our customers are not authorized to access the settings of the machines.
In case the machine is damaged due to misuse by our customer, the damage is the customer's responsibility.
Our sales staff offers two different types of agreements. One is a non-commitment agreement that the customer can opt out of at any time, and the other is a lower cost agreement in return for a 12-month agreement in the system. If your agreement is non-committal, you can exit the system at any time without paying any price. However, if you have signed a contract, you will continue to pay a monthly service fee for 12 months, even if you want to turn off your machine.
Our service is based on a fixed monthly maintenance service and fee. Aromise is a service provider company, not a fragrance seller company.
We have battery operated machines for small spaces. Our toilet disinfectant system already works only with batteries. Battery replacement service is included in your monthly maintenance fee.
Unfortunately, some people are allergic to fragrance molecules and therefore it is not possible to use any fragrance products, not just our products.
We have a free 3-day demo process available. If our customers are not satisfied with the service provided, they can return the machine at the end of this period without any charge.
You can make your monthly service payments to our service personnel by cash or credit card and they will give you a receipt. If you wish, we have a monthly subscription type credit card automatic payment method that does not reduce your credit card limit.