About Us

Aromise, is an investment of Greece's leader, Scent Marketing Company in Turkey. Megasystems, which creates the signature scent of many global brands, manages more than 100,000 corporate scent devices with 27 years of experience in 11 countries across Europe. As Aromise, we always focus on providing corporate scent solutions that meet the highest quality standards of our industry. Nonetheless, we work tirelessly to provide appropriate communication and scenting solutions for each of our customers.

Aromise aims to apply the science of Scent Marketing in every field where people live and work. By combining Scentand Perceptual Marketing, we create the right conditions for implementation in your business.

We use the benefits of Scent Marketing by creating the right communication strategies and conditions to increase the sales of our customers and benefit your business.

We rely on our technical knowledge, methodology, and dynamics to add value to our customers' products and services and provide consumers with a unique experience.

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